• Kevin and Donna at Swearing-In
      Kevin and my beautiful wife at the start of my second two-year term in the House
      USS Minnesota BBQ
      The family and a few of the crew members at the USS Minnesota BBQ
      Commissioning of the USS Minnesota
      Alex Kresha, Randi Woodard, Rep. Ron Kresha, Tim O'Driscoll, Tama Theis, and Richard Fuchs (Tama's father)
      Supporters Turn Out
      Constituents turn out to support Rep. Woodard at local parades.
      Greeting Constituents
      Meeting constituents along the parade route.
      Representative Woodard Leads Committee
      Rep. Woodard is the Vice Chair of the Public Safety Committee
      Scott County Fair
      Representative Woodard participates annually in the Celebrity Milking Contest
      Commissioning of the USS Minnesota
      Lt. Austin Van Olst of the USS Minnesota with Randi and I.
      On the House Floor
      Addressing Issues on the House floor so his constituents' voices are heard.
      Honoring Veterans
      Thanking and listening to Veterans is important in serving his district.
      Welcome Students
      Sharing our Capitol with students.
    • Welcome
      I would like to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for allowing me the privilege of representing you in the Minnesota House of Representatives for a second term.  I am humbled by your support over the last two years and look forward to serving you in the next legislative session.  While the results of the 2012 elections mean that I will no longer serve in the majority, I am passionate about ensuring our conservative voice is heard in St. Paul.  I am also confident that we will continue to work for the bi-partisan common sense solutions that are 90% of our work at the Capitol.

      Governor Dayton has indicated that the election was a mandate for larger government and higher taxes.  He has also stated that he has no intentions of 'squandering' that mandate.  I disagree with that assessment, but the stark reality is that the governor and the DFL majorities have full control over the legislative agenda of the next two years.  I intend to lead the fight to ensure that more moderate voices prevail.  

      As always I enjoy hearing from constituents throughout the district and would like to hear your ideas for making Minnesota a better place to work, live, and play.  Thank you for bestowing upon me the distinct honor of serving as your State Representative!
    • News
    • Keeping Up With Kelby

      *TRANSCRIPT of Radio ad:(song intro) Hi, I'm State Representative Kelby Woodard and I am asking for your support on Nov. 6th. When I first ran for office in 2010, Minnesota was facing a $6 billion deficit. As a result of focusing on priorities and not raising taxes on Minnesotans, we now enjoy a $1.2 billion surplus. But our work is not done. We must continue to insist that St.Paul lives within our means. That is why I am running to be your State Representative in the new District 20A. I am proud to have been named a Guardian of Small Business by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and am endorsed by the MN Farm Bureau, the MCCL, the MN Chamber of Commerce, and the NRA.  I hope to earn your support as well. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Kelby Woodard.


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    • Endorsements

      Republican Party of Minnesota

      National Rifle Association


      National Federation of Independent Businesses 

      Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

      Minnesota Farm Bureau

       Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life